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Community Soccer Tournament 2019


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Event Details

On behalf of LUFC, staff, parents and youth players we want to thank each one of you for making this possible for all our youth soccer players. We want to share with you basic game rules, information and the link for all game schedules.


Event information:

1) All players must check in 30 min before their 1st game to get a bracelet, and sign waiver if haven’t so.

2) All players must check in to get player pass bracelet.

3) All players must have turned in all waivers and paid all fees before playing.

4) All games start at exact time there is no holding times. Players will play two 15 min ½’s and get a 5 min. Break

5) All players must have the same color shirt (Bottoms can be any color, shorts or pants)

6) Players will play 3 games (Not including semi-final & final)

7) Your team will be set on a stage groups. (Please look at for your stage on the day of the event)

8) 1st place from each group will go on to compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy.

9) (Please look for stage group results by the fields to see if your team will be playing the semi-final and final.)

10) We will have a ticket booth to buy food. You must buy a ticket before you can purchase any food. Prices of food will be posted by the food area.

11) All field numbers will be posted by the goalie boxes.

12) All players on the field MUST WEAR Shin guards, and cleats.

13) There is no tied games! If that occurs teams must go to penalties.

14) If there is a no-show team, it is out of our hands, but the team who showed up will get a 3-0 win.

15) NOTE: There is no competitive FULL teams allowed. This is a family event of business vs business.



All Goalie boxes will be 8 x 6 x 6 Basic Game Rules:

Tournament will have most soccer basic rules example: throwins, corner kicks, no hands, if you pass the ball to your own goalie your goalie can’t hold it with his/her hands, he must kick the ball away) Modified Rules examples: a male can’t not shoot directly to goalie if a female is in front of him with in 2ft apart (Unless the female is a goalkeeper). He must pass the ball then shoot.

1) All games start, take a break and stop at the same time they hear the sports horn noise.

2) 5 players on the field including goalie

3) Must have 1 female player on the field at all time. Fail to do so you would have to remove 1 player and play with 4 player on the field.

4) Size 5 ball

5) Must wear soccer cleats and shinguards

6) Games are two 15 min ½’s long. Each game will have a 5 min break after 15 min of start time.

7) No off-sides

8) All fouls are indirect kicks.

9) No penalties Please remember this is a family orientated event and there will be a lot of youth around us. The purpose of this game is to raise funds to continue lowering our cost to our youth and to give back to our community.

Please sign up at our website, email us at if you have any questions. Rules can be modified at any time. If so you will be notified before the game. Game Schedule Info:


Please direct questions to:

Ana Alberto


Phone: (209) 456-0410